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Benedetto Arico (Palermo, 24 april 1953), bekend onder zijn artiestennaam Bino, is een wereldberoemd Italiaans zanger.
Aanvankelijk studeerde hij architectuur om het bedrijf van zijn vader over te kunnen nemen, maar later overtuigde hij zijn ouders ervan, dat dit niet hoefde, en besloot hij uit Italië te emigreren.

Hij reisde in 1975 naar het noorden, en kwam in 1978 in Hamburg aan.
Producers in deze stad gaven hem als zanger een kans, door hem het lied Mama Leone te laten zingen, waarvan de Duitstalige versie geschreven was door Drafi Deutscher.
Datzelfde jaar nog behaalde hij met dit nummer een hoge plaats in de hitparade, zowel in Duitsland als in Oostenrijk en andere landen.
Zowel de Duitstalige versie als de Italiaanse werden succesvol, de laatste haalde zelfs de eerste plaats.

Later ging Bino op het Spaanse eiland Majorca wonen.


In 1978 a song called “Mama Leone” conquered the hit parades by, until that time, a completely unknown singer, called BINO.
Up until now over 16 million copies of the original version have been sold all over the world.

BINO (Benedetto Arico) was born in Palermo, Sicily.
The son of a building contractor and real estate agent, he was to one day take over the family business and that is why he started studying architecture.
Then BINO convinced his very influential mother that his brother Luciano or his sister Pina could also take over the family business.
So in 1975 he took off going north arriving finally in Hamburg in January 1978.

The producers in Hamburg listened to this young man from Italy and Rainer Felsen (Pino Music) decided to give him a chance.
He took BINO and gave him the song written by Drafi Deutscher called “Mama Leone” and, all in all, this song has become an enormous hit and evergreen that will be around for a long time.

ZDF – Hitparade, gold records and a number 1 hit in Austria, top 10 in Germany and in most European countries, it was released all over the world even in South Africa and Japan.
In the land of the rising sun they had heard the curious story of the up and coming singer and about how he got his first record.
Let us remember; an Italian singer discovered by a German producer that came out on a French label and landed a hit in many countries of the world.
If that’s not a modern fairytale what is?.....

Now BINO lives secluded in Majorca gathering his tranquility and strength to compose new songs.
BINO has a studio in the northern fisherman’s bay, Alcudia, where he supports young talent and prepares for his own comeback.
BINO’s new long play CD is almost finished and the single will be released in the autumn.
BINO is back performing all over Europe and maybe tomorrow for you.

Hits from BINO:
MAMA LEONE (Italian) 27 wks in charts – Nr. 1
MAMA LEONE (German) 22 wks in charts – Nr. 4
BAMBINO 18 wks in charts – Nr. 18
MARIA 10 wks in charges – Nr. 25