Francesco Napoli (I)

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Genre : italiaans internationaal

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Festival in Napoli.

The young, unknown Singer FRANCESCO NAPOLI fights his way to number one.
A German agent sees this temperamental Law student and engages his enormous voice for a short 14 day tour in Germany.

These 14 days have now turned into 14 years.
FRANCESCO met Peter Columbus, who then produced his first record BALLA BALLA.
These two words were to change FRANCESCO NAPOLI’s life forever.

12 Million copies were sold in 44 Countries around the World.
FRANCESCO was a well seen guest in all the top TV shows.
Concerts followed in all continents of the world.
The success of BALLA BALLA was even more rounded up as BALLA BALLA 2 and 3 also were a success.
Now Golden and Platinum records are all over FRANCESCO’s home walls.

FRANCESCO stormed the stages of the World and was greatly welcomed.
His audiences were as large as 10.000 people in some cities and advanced FRANCESCO NAPOLI to an International Star.
Even today, he is still one of the top entertainers in Spain.
Anyone who has ever seen and heard the great voice of FRANCESCO NAPOLI will be surprised how down to earth he is.

Many Productions such as PIANO PIANO and many LP’s in English, Spanish and French were produced.
Of course, he also produced in his native language – Italian.
Hanne Haller and Bernd Meinunger produced his first Album in German with such great songs as BELLAMI and LEILA.

A new team produced the more modern sounding songs like NUR MIT GEFÜHL and KOMM MIT.
FRANCESCO NAPOLI was in TV shows, such as “Musik Liegt in der Luft”, “Immer wieder Sonntags”, and ZDF “Fernsehgarten“.

As chance may have it, FRANCESCO NAPOLI met his great friend and earlier Producer Peter Columbus again. Then, as almost expected, they had the idea to reproduce BALLA BALLA in a new style.
And for the new Millennium BALLA BALLA 2000, was born.