Fratelli Marelli (I)

Categorie : in italie
Genre : nostalgische muziek

Demo Materiaal: Het Italië Evenement 2015 met Fratelli Marelli A, B 

Performing a mix of traditional Italian swing and rock 'n' roll alongside original compositions, this quirky jazz band from Bologna have been performing at festivals, concerts, jazz clubs, private and corporate events across Europe for several years to great success.
Crooning vocals and infectious rhythms create an vibrant feel-good atmosphere perfect for dancing the night away. Inspired by the vintage sound of the 1930s they have created their own unique style combining authentic jazz and rock ’n’ roll, along with a hint of modernity, to create fresh new sound that will have dance floors packed from the first song right up until the last.
Flying the flag for a new style of Italian rock & swing, this energetic and loveable trio will make sure that your event is a success!
We also played for:
- Swing on The Beach Festival  - Pescara – 2015
- Villa Solomeo Festival – Teatro Cucinelli – 2015
- Cicchetti & Swing Festival – Portobuffolè - 2014
- Zazzarazzaz Festival  - Sanremo - 2014
- MuntagninJazz Festival  - Sulmona - 2015
- Potenza Vintage Festival  - Potenza - 2015
- Cabaret Sauvage  - Paris  – 2013 -
- Italie  Evenement Festival  - Kasteel de Haar (Holland) – 2014 
- Vogue Fashion Night 2015 Milano
The band’s musician :
Francesco Giorgi – voice, violin, glokenspiel, melodica, arrangements
Lorenzo Lucci – voice,vocal trumpet, guitar, ukulele
Pedro Judkowski – voice, bass
*Oh! Come la radio – Reincanto CD – 2015
*E Ho ! A Ah ! – Reincanto CD – 2016
Single track
*Non vorrei crepare ( Je voudrais pas crever ) – Reincanto Digital – 2015