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Lisa (Annalisa Panetta) werd geboren op de dag van de Driekoningen (06-01-1977) in de provincie Reggio Calabria.
Net zoals twee grote vertolkers van Italiaanse muziek Nek en Celentano heeft ook zij het sterrenbeeld Steenbok (Siderno).

Annalisa heeft de eerste zes jaar van haar leven doorgebracht in Turijn waarna zij terug keerde naar Calabrie en woonde tot haar 16de jaar in Gioiosa Ionica.
Hier volgde zij haar studies waaronder de school van ballet en moderne dans.

De grote familie van Lisa waaronder haar jongere zusje Lara en haar twee oudere broers Paul en Dino delen haar passie voor muziek.
Dino zingt en componeert liedjes.
Dino schreef de teksten voor "In My Dreams '(uit haar debuut CD "Lisa" in 1998) op de muziek van een andere Lisa, het Engels popster Lisa Stansfield.
Dino componeerde ook de song "Fortune", uitgebracht in de zogenaamde "Essentials" in 1999.

Annalisa Panetta muzikale smaak varieert van rock tot pop tot opera van Maria Callas.

Met haar potentiële stem speelde zij reeds op 14 jarige leeftijd een grenzeloos muzikaal repertoire zoals: Edith Piaff, Barbra Streisand, The Beatles, Chaka Khan, Queen, Barry White e.d.

Zij heeft deelgenomen aan verschillende zangwedstrijden zoals het Castrocaro Festival en het Sanremo Festival.


Many successes, innumerable awards and the holdings that have seen this in large events from its inception to today.
Popularity Italy and equally rewarding experiences in France and elsewhere in Europe where scale the summit of the Top List radio assigning the top of the chart for 9 weeks.
Nevertheless the charts of many countries in South America.

To tell a little 'Annalisa Panetta aka "Lisa", one must go back a few years when just sixteen after the so-called "mess" with the plan - bar wins selections Castrocaro and the Sanremo Festival of Authors .
In that context knows her first record producer, so officially in 1996 with the debut single "Con un amico non puoi (as singer).
The following year, Young participated in Sanremo with the song "Se" (M. Fabrizio - G. Morra) where it will be awarded as a runner.
Promoted among the "Champions", Lisa, is in the race in 1998 at the Sanremo Festival with "Sempre" (M. Fabrizio - G. Morra) obtaining a sensational second place among the young and third among BIG.

After this extraordinary response, Lisa is carried in triumph by both countries of Calabria who saw the birth and growth: celebrate with more than 50 000 people in the streets to pay homage.
This leads debut album "Lisa" of 1998 (the one with the song "In Nei Sogni miei" and "Fortuna" signed by Dino Panetta & Lisa Standfield) and the subsequent "Essenziale" in 1999.
So many awards, from award Mia Martini, is the protagonist in Lanciano (Chieti) in a concert tribute to American composer George Gerschwin performing with a philharmonic orchestra made up of 100 conductors from around the world.
Her artistic versatility also led her to perform in a prestigious musical.
Tony Cucchiara writing for the Italian tour of his play "Cain and Abel."

Her songs have strong admirers in France: a record trans changes the name of their label SempreMusic own tribute to the song that won third place in Sanremo.
The international contract that gives new triumphs in 2001 requires the first place in the French "Sempre" (Italian version).
The same year in France comes a collection of the first two albums.
And 'star of numerous prestigious international events.

In 2002 she performed in front of Pope John Paul II who personally calls her performance at World Youth Day in Toronto.
The same year she recorded a song to UNICEF to benefit children in Guinea Bissau.

In 2003 she participated in a concert for Italians abroad broadcast on Swiss television: in the evocative setting of the Spanish Steps in Rome.
This will be the year of her return at the Sanremo Festival with "Oceano," the song that gives the title to her third album.
Until 2004 she was promoted to this enchanting albums internationally with great success especially in the U.S..
Her most recent work as individual statements, "Adesso," added five compilation has sold about 600,000 copies.
The end of 2008 sees one of the leaders of the party of C3 International (World Association Calabresi) giving strong emotions in the illustrious present.

The same year the spotlight with a famous and prestigious artists of the show in a video reflexive social background of great impact against the scourge of pedomania (which is often incorrectly defined pedophilia). A video in defense of all child victims of abuse and monsters created by mankind A. M. M., sponsored by Blue Kite and visible than at this site in various broadcasting channels.

Her new single "Grido" anticipates' Album which will be entitled "Io rispetto a ieri."
A revelation innovative demonstrating the extraordinary versatility of the artist.
LP A & B flavor that reveals great maturity composition with great determination and a positive change look. The album is the result of the new label Songmusicone and sees Lisa in dual capacity as a songwriter and co-producer along with Dino Panetta.

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