Sandro Fazio Jazz Band

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Genre : jazz

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The Sandro Fazio Band is an eight-piece band composed with some of the most innovative and interesting young musicians from the new Amsterdam scene.

Lead by the Italian guitar player, Sandro Fazio all the musicians met at the Amsterdam Conservatorium and started to work on a very innovative sound.
The compositions so the arrangements are very melodic and the band sound put in front the perfect meeting between the compositions and the improvisation parts.

Sandro Fazio

Known as the "Chemical guitarist" (Il Chimico) Sandro was born in France and raised in Sicily.
After showing early musical promise he became a recognised figure on the jazz scene in Catania, playing regularly in the town's jazz bars and clubs.
It was good preparation for his next calling: the highly regarded Jazz Conservatory in Amsterdam.
There he studied with Jesse Van Ruller, Maarten Van Der Grinten, Martijn Van Iterson and Ed Verhoeff; he followed masterclasses (by Mike Stern, Shawn Lane, Leonardo Amuedo, Victor Baley, Bill Stewart, Pat Martino, John Scofield, Richard Bona, and Nguyên Lê); recorded a live CD and graduated, not only from the conservatory, but also with a PhD in Chemistry - a course he had been concurrently following.

And so the Chemical guitarist was born...

The Sandro Fazio Band consists of:

Sandro Fazio: guitar
Francesco Bearzatti: tenor saxophone
Tineke Postma: soprano and alto saxophone
Andreas Pichier: drums
Charly Zastrau: piano
Dominique Brackeva: trombone
Philipp Staudt: fleugelhorn
Konstantin Uhrmeister: acoustic bass