The Invisibles

Categorie : bands gezelschappen
Genre : international big band

Demo Materiaal: Amara Terra Mia -  Soundcloud: Cita Vuota, Meglio Stasera, Amara Terra Mia

The Invisibles are a brand new Original Ska, Rocksteady and Early Reggae Sensation, an International Big Band of talents from all over Europe who came together here in the Netherlands to write a new chapter in the history of one of the most popular and everlasting musical genres of the 20th century.

Their live act is not to be missed for any reason if you're a fan of Jamaican rhythms but also if you love jazz, soul, rhythm&blues, pop and evergreens.
You will find yourself skanking and dancing like crazy to stainless Jamaican classics, to unexpected versions of some among the most famous songs ever written, to breathtaking Italian melodies and to surprisingly amazing new tunes.

With a DJ Set before and after the show to entertain early birds as well as deep night predators, an evening with The Invisibles announces itself to become unforgettable for a long time to come.

One of those moments in history which will make you proud to tell your children and nephews: "I was there!"

The Repertoire:

Cittaa Vuota, Meglio Stasera, Ciao Ciao Bambina, Amara Terra Mia, Il Mare, SKAzzurro, Una Giornata Al Mare, Un Anno d’Amore, Such A Shame, The Very Last Tango, Don't Let Me Down, Hard Time Living In The County Jail (HTLITCJ), Jamaica Farewell, The Very Last Dub, Your Love Is King, Crazy World, City Raindrops, Rocksteady, Bang, Bang, The Reflex, Delilah, Stop The Pressure, El Pussycat, Freedom Sound, Soul Shakedown Party, In The Mood For Loving, Stir It Up, Sierra, Feels Like Heaven, Time After Time, e.v.a.

The Musicians:

Claudio Verzegnassi – Guitar * Alexander Broussard - Piano, Keyboards, Vocals * Gunter Weber - Tenor Saxophone * Emilio Gregori - Rhythm Guitar * Rumy Jansen – Drums * Alejandro Carbajal - Bass Guitar, Vocals * Eugene Bakker – Percussions * Fabio Marchiori – Keyboards * Doris van Iperen – Vocals * Rosa Smit – Vocals * Enrico Cioccolini - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Trumpet * Jan Kooper - Alto Sax * Joe Rivera – Trumpet * Frans Cornelissen - Trombone

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Claudio Verzegnassi - Guitar
Claudio (1968) is an Italian guitarist from Rome, but living in France (Golfe-Juan). A gifted solo and rhythm guitar player with a very unique approach. And sound engineer! Most of the time invisible for us, but when he is on the spot, he gets the most peculiar sounds out of his guitar! He is a real Invisible and we can’t wait to play shows with him! And by the way, watch his...

Alexander Broussard - Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Some say music is beauty, some say it’s energy, some say it’s emotions, some say it’s strength, some say it’s entertainment, some say it’s art… For Alexander, it’s all these things combined. Alexander is a thoroughly skilled pianist and a gifted singer too. He has an immensely diverse repertoire at his fingertips and easily changes from pop and evergreens to salsa and...

Gunter Weber - Tenor Saxophone
Gunter (1962) started playing the bugle when he was 10 years old in the fanfare (actually the best place to learn to play, and fast!). In 1975 he preferred a sportscareer in basketball (not unsuccessful at all!). In 1990 he picked up playing the trumpet in the Dutch party band Les Kingo Star (Carribean and African dancemusic). He taught himself to play the tenor sax in 1993,...

Emilio Gregori - Rhythm Guitar
Emilio is what we call the Italian ‘Godfather of Ska’ (although he will not be called like that, he is a humble man) , but most of all he is the inventor and initiator of The Invisibles! In the 80?s he introduced Reggae in Italy with his band Last Warning and later on he did the same with Ska, being the bass player in two of the most important Ska bands ever in...

Rumy Jansen - Drums
Rumy comes from Helmond, and is also known as “Drumsyndicate Rocksteady” or “Drumy”. He is an experienced Rocksteady and Reggae drummer. He played in the former Belgian/Dutch formation Soul Jamaica, an 11-piece Rocksteady band. He played with this band on Polé Polé and on Zwarte Cross. Together with Alejandro and Emilio, he is the always friendly and invaluable...

Alejandro Carbajal - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Alejandro is originally from Uruguay and born in 1963. He spent much of his life in Europe, residing in the city of Amsterdam (the Netherlands), as a professional musician, sharing stage with Uruguayan musicians abroad. His musical development fluctuated between countries in Europe such as Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Germany, playing the more diverse musical genres,...

Eugene Bakker – Percussions
Eugene just came by on a sunday afternoon, while we were recording, taking his percussion instruments. And he played along and stayed! Drummer of the fast-ska band Stampede and former drummer of various ska-bands. Very friendly, always willing to help. A much appreciated and indispensable Invisible!

Fabio Marchiori – Keyboards
Fabio lives in Livorno (Italy) and is a professional keyboard player, asked for by many great artists, like Dennis Bovell, Linton Kwesi Johnson (Live in Paris!), Bobo Rondelli and Luca Carboni. Makes the Invisible ska and rocksteady music lively playing “percussion” on his keyboard. He will be there at every Invisibles show, flying from Pisa to Amsterdam and back. That...

Doris van Iperen – Vocals
Doris (Delft, 1993) is one of the female vocals of The Invisibles. Started her vocal career in BANG the Skillet in 2009, now has her own band The Young Souls. She is young, but has a knowledge about all kinds of old music, even from the era’s that she still had to be born! Together with her “sister in arms” Rosa Smit they form the “Invisiblettes”, stealing...

Rosa Smit – Vocals
Rosa (1993) is one of the two female voices in the Invisibles. Started her vocal career in 2009 with BANG the Skillet. And she sings in The Young Souls. She is blonde, but her voice is dark and has a special vibrato. With that voice she can twist anyone around her finger! And you will see that it’s not only because of her voice! We are very glad that she is one of the...

Enrico Cioccolini - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Trumpet
Enrico (1965) is a multi skilled musician and composer. Together with Gunter, Emilio and Claudio he ‘shaped and bended’ The Invisibles as they are now. He is our lead singer and ‘skatalizer’ of some beautiful 80?s Brit-pop songs like Such a Shame, Feels Like Heaven, The Reflex, just to mention some. He is always looking for quality:...

Jan Kooper - Alto Sax
Born 1962 in Arnhem, The Netherlands, Jan Kooper started playing the saxophone when he was 15 years old. In 1977 he already got his first major gig at the Korenmarkt (Arnhem, NL) for more than 5000 people. One year later, at the age of just 16, he made his first appearance on a vinyl record. After finishing the conservatory in Hilversum, Jan started his own band: Coopertest, which...

Joe Rivera – Trumpet
Studied in New York and played as a musician in different bands. In 1982 he left to Europe. After a couple of years working in France, he arrived in The Netherlands. He played and made records with: Mathilde Santing, Gerard Joling, Piet Veerman en Renee Froger. He toured with the Glenn Miller Orchestra through Europa and Japan. Joe Rivera is also a member of Saoco, Rumbatá, Mariachi...

Frans Cornelissen - Trombone
Well, what can we say about Frans? He is one of the best trombone players in The Netherlands! He played with: Anouk, Alain Clarke, Andre Hazes, Boston Tea Party, Beef, Candy Dulfer, Chaka Khan, Cubop City Big Band, Di-rect, Do, Electro Coco, Fra Fra Big band, George Baker, Gordon, Rotterdams Jazzorchestra, Groove troopers, Hans Dulfer, Hind, Jan Akkerman, Karin Bloemen, Lamb, Latin...